Ukraine’s President Viktor Yanukovych believes that Ukraine needs to draw a lesson from this summer’s abnormal heat and take measures to prevent possible natural disasters in the future.  “This year we should foresee everything, and buy the necessary equipment to overcome the effects of natural disasters, including fires, in 2011 and 2012,” he said during a conference call with heads of regional state administrations in Kyiv on Monday.

At the same time, Yanukovych said that Ukraine should learn not only from its own experience, but also from that of its neighbors. He noted the need for preventive measures. Commenting on the situation in the country, the president said: “We were sitting on a powder keg.”

Yanukovych instructed Vice Premier Andri y Kliuyev, who heads the operational headquarters for fire fighting in Ukraine, to prepare relevant proposals and discuss them at a government meeting.  The president also said he was willing to help prepare and implement such proposals.

Fantastic news!!!  So what happened to emergency planning this year? Where did the money go?Developers are always being forced to make payments for “fire fighting equipment” every time they want to build something that does not comply with the Ukrainian norms (yet would exceed regulations elsewhere). Where are all these shiny fire engines? A new black Mercedes for the CFO does not count by the way.

And whilst we are talking about forward planning… is the Mayor of Kiev going to be forced to replace the snow clearing machines he sold prior to last years Winter before the snow starts this year?

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