Hoping the West grows a spine

Remember MH17. Well these Orcs are back

I’m not kidding myself that a few words on a blog will make a ha’porth of difference but sat here I need to write – to vent some feelings. What is happening in Ukraine now is indefensible and the West is being spineless. It’s all very well saying Ukraine is not in NATO but that never stops it from supporting countries such as Kuwait in the past who conveniently had oil.

What is at stake here is not just land and infrastructure, but people and democracy. If you even put aside the human cost the fact that the West has abandoned core values it says to hold so dear is simply not good enough.

Ukraine is a peaceful democratic country and the West should support it. Looking n in a playground fight watching the bully punch the head of the small kid should you really sit on your hands and say you abhor violence and can’t get involved on principal?

We’ve seen Russian tactics in Syria – bombing hospitals. Do you want that?

I hope someone in the West grows a spine at this critical moment.

My thoughts are with my wifes family and all of our friends in Ukraine and we hope they are safe.

Slava Ukraina!

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