The peasants are revolting

The electricity connection was not without difficulty yesterday.

KyivEnergo turned up with 3 guys and a connection order (stamped) plus an instruction (also stamped) to remove and replace a dangerous leaning pole.

First of course, they had to turn off the juice to the street. And that is when it got difficult. Hordes of outraged residents poured out of their houses berating the engineers and faced with the threat of violence they hid in their van – and called the police.

Militia turn up after a few minutes – look at paperwork and loudly announce that “perhaps the pole should be left dangerous so it falls on one of the locals and teaches them a lesson”.

Kyivenergo guys carry on – under guard – and connect the wires – and Hey Presto! We now have a shiny new meter and a temporary plug. Next – Gas, Sewerage and Water!

pictured below: The completed rear facade in brick ready for insulation and cement rendering; The electricity connection; 5 tons of tiles are delivered.

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2 Responses to The peasants are revolting

  1. admin says:

    Congrats – you are literally the 39th person (not joking – 37 and 38 were the underfloor heating guys) to say that the ground floor is a garage. It’s not – we just decided to have huge windows… 3 weeks and they will be fitted.

  2. kord says:

    I realized after I read more of your posts and seeing it is a walk out. That will be nice for BBQs in summer I think )

    Hopefully no one will mistake your den for a place to park their Lada after they drank too much Nemiroff and try to park in your house )

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