Electricity update…good news!

This actually developed better than I thought it would as instead of rolling over and paying up we decided to exploit the chink the armour of Ukraine’s systems – “The need to solve matters in an administrative way.”

For whatever faults the country has, an excess of bureaucrats means that the system side may be full of hoops and red tape and stamps but eventually it spits out an answer.

In our case we had applied for Electricity and that application kept rollling on despite interventions by the man with grasping hands.

So, we contacted the company after the statutory weeks had elapsed and were told to pick up our documents and tech approvals.

31,689 UAH lighter we will now have 15kW installed by 15 August. Result!

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2 Responses to Electricity update…good news!

  1. kord says:

    I am curious as to how many amps your breaker box will have?

    I have seen some very low amp boxes in homes around UA w/ the resulting power outs/appliance failures taken as normal day to day routine.

  2. admin says:

    Our electrickery sub will handle all that – but I do know we managed to get 15kW… 🙂

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