The Electricity Man Cometh…

.. and has wide grasping hands. Like many “Public Utility” companies here.

Having approached Kyivenergo and been told quietly that I could pay for my Electricity to be connected “unofficially” for 30,000 UAH I decided to reject this as it was too dodgy. Instead we have taken the legal route of officially applying for a connection that gives me official approved paperwork.

Perhaps I’m stupid.

Now, having rejected their unofficial price the same guy in charge says I cannot be connected as there is not enough supply and I need to give them money to build a new sub-station – around 200,000 UAH. Plus of course the cost of the connection.

If I were contributing to the infrastructure of the community all well and good but no sub-station would be built with my money. They would pocket that- plus the connection charge… and connect me just as before. But with paperwork.

Kyivenergo – the bastard child of a Mexican drug baron and British Leyland.

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