The neighbours are revolting

At our attempt to backfill the top part of the site a number of neighbours* have blocked the road in (It’s only one way unfortunately) on the grounds that our lorry is damaging the road.

I have sympathy but they seem to have ignored the fact that the road in question has not been maintained since 1955.

“Repair it” they demand.

“Good idea – I am prepared to contribute equally are you?”


Fine… that if they want to block access to my property this can work two ways. I can park the lorry further down and wait until they want to get out.

But I won’t. Instead I will use a smaller lorry – car sized. One that will make more journeys with the same overall weight of earth over a longer period of time.

And my caring sharing neighbours can go fuck themselves.

*The two households that all neighbourhoods seem to have that talk themselves up into a confrontation.

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