About me and the blog…

My favourite bar

I’m a Brit who moved to Kyiv from the UK in March 2007 and then back again in 2017 having acquired a new wife, 3 children, a flat, an office, a bar (www.bluesbar.com.ua), and as you can see in the blog… a house. I love Ukraine; I lived and worked here; I am married to a Ukrainian.

The blog was just a way of noting down some things that happened along the way and is not intended to slight Ukraine or Ukrainians in any way. If you were in England you would find it funny that hairy-arsed bikers now have to huddle under a parasol in a pub garden in the pouring rain with apple flavoured electric cigarettes. That does not make you anti-English. 

Now – I’m using it to promote my scribblings. Telling Tales is a book I’ve been nurturing for some time but which is now actually being written. There’s a Facebook page and even Twitter @tellingtales2

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