Spring has sprung

As quite a few people have bemoaned the fact that I have been very tardy with my posts I am going to try and do more… well, to be honest – actually make an effort and make more than one post every 6 months.

I have now been here in Kiev for 4 years and am still enjoying it. Life is good…. our new baby – Kira- is now- 8 weeks old and has started swimming lessons already. She goes to a local hospital where they have a swimming pool / jacuzzi for babies and a nurse teaches her how to be splashed and enjoy it. Last week she actually “dived” under water  – apparently up to 3 months old, children close their eyes and hold their breathe by reflex.

For all of the complaints about Ukraine and its infrastructure the medical side of things keeps pushing on regardless – largely due to the abilities and professionalism of medical staff who triumph despite the Government. On that front I am now over 18 months on from having a 2 stents fitted to my heart here in Ukraine – a belated thanks to the staff at the Heart wing on Lesyi Ukrainki!!

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