…spoke too soon

internet connection

My intentions of cleaning and chilling out were dashed last night by me forgetting the internet connection. To clarify – one man turned up to connect the internet but another was due at some time in the future to actually fit a plug socket for it. As the phone connection is in the kitchen – so are the computers – to be close to the socket (prior to the man with the new socket putting it into the office – aka bedroom 2). …So i had a trailing wire that I tripped over and pulled out of the wall….

No problem you might think but there were 2 sets of 4 wires of different colours all partially interlinked or broken. Sudoko has nothing on the brain power needed to re-connect that lot and make sure the door entry camera system functions as well. After fixing it with the aid of matchstick wedges to keep the wires in place – it worked.

Whilst on the subject of wiring – Ukrainian electrical sockets – why? I mean why the design that doesn’t actually hold the plug in the socket causing them all to fizz and crackle? Perhaps the 6 socket extension lead I bought for 35 grivs was made in China.   

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