Here in Kiev

temporary internet setup 

Well, it took a while but by anyones standards a day to order an internet connection and have it installed is pretty good going – and all for 25 dollars a month. The flat I am in is typical Ukrainian with its odd quirks – like a washing machine in the bathroom and optional temperature controls that you and I would call windows. It is hot but I am gradually getting it balanced.

The flat is great but the locale looks like the backdrop to “resident evil” – but I have put on a brave face and tried not to look two western (difficult) as I tip toe through the melting snow puddles.

Out shopping today and managed to get my numbers confused at one street stall – after some red faces all round I did not go home with 100 coat hangers but the 10 that I wanted…. Tonight – a good bout of cleaning, tidying and then chilling out. 

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