I think I’ve alluded to it…. but only now – at the end of the project – with a few months to go – can the end result really be seen. We’ve had a to face a lot of criticism – quizzical looks from family, and especially sub-contractors, about what we are trying to achieve – all the time conscious of costs – and spending what some might see as “excessively” on items that are unnecessary – like the central tower – but which make the design complete. Glass blocks? The builder thought I was mad. But is it just me that likes the nodding reference to Soviet industrial design?

I did start to wobble at one stage.. I thought the walls would be too faceless – too blank – it would end up as someone once said “looking like a prison”…

There are still finishing touches – our Soviet railway station lamp over the main door – the copings to the parapets..  lighting will be key. But overall we are glad we stuck to our guns.

We like our house!

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