Ukraine casinos and slot halls are shut down

The Ukrainian Government has effectively closed down all casinos and slot parlours with immediate effect. Prompted by the emotions of the recent fire in a slot hall in Dnipropetrovsk where 9 people died the Government ministers have seized their opportunity to take draconian action. Originally it was just the casinos in that area that were shut but now with the new Act – they are all now shut throughout Ukraine.

Cynically the move mirrors that of Russia – Big Brother – which shuts all of its gambling activities next month<p But whereas the Russian operators had time to prepare for the worst – the Ukrainian Government has just effectively knifed a whole industry without considering the implications on the tax income and ordinary peoples livelihoods. They have just made a blind stupid ill-informed decision instead of taking their time and taking measured steps to regulate – control – improve.
It is not just casino staff that will be affected – think of the cloakroom staff, the cleaners, the waitresses, the couriers, entertainers, suppliers…

When Julia Timoshenko made her impassioned speech following the fire that the casinos would all have to shut whilst safety checks were carried out she forgot one simple thing… they were already supposed to be checked!!! Her Government was supposed to be making sure that they were safe. It’s called responsibility. Accountability.  Professionalism. But – what a surprise – the whole system is rotten as a pear.

Instead of actually trying to regulate properly – it was easier to just shut the lot. A cop out. Brainless.
Where to go now to gamble in Ukraine?

…Underground of course.

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