Step on the gas!

Our  proekt designer has visited the site… accepted “payment” and we can now actually have the gas, water and drainage in the green zone as opposed to having three trenches down the tarmac road at great expense and disturbance.

From us getting technical conditions the gas must be installed and connected within 3 months – by law – as covered previously. 3 Months!… beggars belief but at least by February 2014 the boiler will be connected.

In the meantime we may connect it to LPG with an adapter…

In meantime the “gas woman” was impressed with the house design but remarked that our overhead electricity cable could fall 4.5m onto the gas pipe below causing a massive explosion. If it was 5m then this would be ok.

In the house itself she could not get her head around the open plan design and gave up thinking about how she could ask for “ventilation holes” near the cooker. I think she was also a bit puzzled when we mentioned that any gas leaks would trigger and alarm and an SMS to our phones.


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