Pitrivka – Pitrovka… let’s call the whole thing off

I want to go to Pitrivka – it’s spelt like that so I pronounce it like that. “Pitrovka” says the taxi driver. He is Russian and that is how they pronounce it – and who am I to argue – except we are in Ukraine and the Ukrainians are getting a bit peeved at their language being subsumed. But that debate is for another day – back to Pitr….whatever…. 

It is a bit like the Garabushka in Moscow – a football pitch-sized sprawling undercover market of every piece of software you have ever dreamt of plus the latest DVDs – some even on sale prior to official release.

Anyone who thought that pirate software was dying should think again. Copy of the latest all-singing all-dancing Vista form Microsoft? That will be 80 uah – or 80 pence in the coin of the British Realm. Of course whether it works is another matter – but you get the picture. I declined as I have enough problems with XP but I could not resist all of Radioheads work – all 15 CDs – crammed onto a single cd in MP3 format and that works just dandy as my neighbours will testify.

As Radiohead themselves sing….”Fake plastic………”

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