Facade nears completion

Facade now beginning to look finished – insulation all done and the boys have already painted the front and side facades – see above for the light warm grey colour.

Flat roof is now watertight and the insulated “spouts” are now fitted… just need the oversized rainwater pipes. Somehow the locals don’t understand that these are part of the overall design – they are not supposed to be plastic and small but large, galvanised steel and square and groovy.

Perhaps they don’t get my appreciation of Soviet Chic? Like the glass blocks to the tower window…. more pics to follow when that aspect is complete.

BTW – a big “F*** ***” to GASK who despite being bribed at $30 psm have failed to deliver my documents. For an organisation so immoral and corrupt as to have an official bribe rate based on size of property you think they would be efficient enough to deliver … I must consult their service standards. LOL

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