Ukraine – why are you here?

1) The Tourist

Ukraine is not currently known as a tourist destination. Many people return to check out their roots or are intrigued by its history but generally the country is not tourist-friendly. There is no tourism culture (except encouraging outward-bound flights to Turkey, etc.) and the Government has done little to promote any of Ukraine’s heritage which is a shame as Ukraine has a great deal to offer, if only it were packaged correctly.

For holidays, Ukrainians themselves flee abroad to Countries that do not require a visa rather than spend too much time here and those that do tolerate poor infrastructure and service along the Black Sea coast during the summer or head for the Carpathian mountains in the winter to dodge drunk skiers.

A few years back the Government minister responsible for the website promoting the country decided to use the budget for his own means. He – like the money – has now gone and nobody is in a real hurry nowadays to make any positive changes unless they are linked to Euro 2012.

So, if you are a brave soul who is here on holiday, welcome to Ukraine – and we hope you come back.

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